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Behind The Scenes: Building A Game

Welcome to behind the scenes! Here's the basics of building a game:
Making a game!

Above you can see a codeview from the Godot game engine. Games can
require a lot of code--TJ:PR is over 6500 lines and it's
still incomplete! Writing code is surprisingly easy if you know
what you're doing. But carelessly writing code ends up with
game-breaking bugs.

Here is a level editing view from Godot. Designing levels is surprisingly
hard! You can see the node list on the left, and editor data on
the left. Some games have 50 or even 100 levels! Making levels is
a fun job, but it is very hard.

The InstantJS editor UI is very simple; version info, export link,
save and run buttons, code editor, and play area. Most of the
engine's power comes in pre-built code features. And you can easily
create your own tools! InstantJS is very good for
simple arcade games.

Making graphics and music is a fun job! I use Piskelapp.com for
pixel art and BeepBox.co for simple music. For more complex music,
I use GarageBand or combine multiple BeepBox songs.