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TJ:PR devlog 10 and FAQ

Hello, everyone! It's been almost a month since I posted here, so I'm
going to clear up some questions I'm often asked. But first,
devlog. Since last devlog, I worked on some basics, like making
explosive barrels not explode on impact will the ground, and I
added another complex level (level 15). Not much work, as I've
recruited another game and level designer for Future Games, things
should speed up. I'll work more, especially on weekends. Now, for FAQ.

Frequently asked questions:

When will TJ:PR come out?
I don't know. I've been working for months, and I'm still only done with 15
levels. Most of that time was spent on mechanics, so I hope to get it out by
mid-June. School ends soon, so I will have more time.

How much will TJ:PR cost?
I am aiming for about $2.00, maybe only $1.00. A sale will be available on
release, so for the first few days, it will definitely be $1.00.

Why is making TJ:PR taking so long?
Making a game is not an easy job! It takes a while. In addition, I don't like
level design, so making levels for TJ:PR is pretty boring. I generally
default to other projects.

What "other projects" do you always say you're working on?
A lot. I'm making Civilian City, a GTA 5-like city sim with an open world. Right
now I'm modeling buildings for it. I'm also making another FPS game,
which is currently secret so a reveal will come soon. I'm also working on
a new chapter for Starfall: A Wisp in the Wind, and I also often create
smaller games in short time periods (avg. 45 minutes).

I hope this cleared things up. New devlog soon!