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Turret Jumper : Polaris's Revenge devlog 2

Time for a new devlog! I finished up the menus
and wrote the story, and I started working on designing
levels (on paper). I want the story to really kick in,
and I plan on releasing one final Turret Jumper game after
this one. Maybe I won't, but that would mean leaving the series
on a cliffhanger... but anyway, I need to work on implementing
the story and levels, as well as designing another 30 levels
(I've only designed 6). Then I will playtest and work more.
 I don't know how to make a good story for a game series,
so what I've written adds a new character, some realizations,
and some destruction, and then basically focuses on finishing
the task on hand.

I also want to make sure that the story has a satisfying ending,
without new questions. Its really hard to tie everything up in the
story, but I hope that it is good enough. Now for a teaser of
only two words: Dystopian Apocalypse.