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Turret Jumper : Polaris's Revenge devlog 6

Hi, everyone! Its been forever since last devlog,
so here we go! I actually only added one more level (level 4)
since last time, but there's other news. Some stuff I won't
say here because it is not relevant to TJ:PR, its relevant to
other Turret Jumper games. I will announce it in my Discord server.
I have also created explosive barrels and added them to level 2.
I am working on a new Polaris script and interactive levels. I
also added some explosive barrels to level 2. Now the big news:
 multiplayer support. Two players can now play together
on one device! Watch out for friendly fire... I worked a lot on
the camera script so that it will zoom and move based on the two
players positions. To add multiplayer I needed to change player 1's
controls. Here are the new controls:


Left/right arrow keys--move

Up arrow key--jump


N--Hold to boost/sprint, tap to walljump

B--Hold for slow motion

V--Hold for timelapse




S--Hold to boost/sprint


Q--Hold for slow motion

TAB--hold for timelapse

1--Join game