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Turret Jumper : Polaris's Revenge devlog 7

It's been to long since last devlog! Since last time I added
 Gamepad Support, Combat mode (infinite waves of enemies in
a large map), and Infinite mode (randomly generated like a
roguelike), and 4 new levels! 
I also released a new
game which is in-progress, Starfall: A Wisp in the Windand I will
continue updating it with new chapters. I finished writing the story for
Turret Jumper. After TJ:PR there will be one last game,
Turret Jumper: Singularity, which will be free and contain 12 levels. 

Hello, everyone! The game now has 9 levels already added. Also,
I added hidden bonus levels. There will be 4-5 of them hidden in-game.
I added acceleration to the player, double-jump, and more!
Join my Discord server (or the Turret Jumper Discord) for more news!