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Future Games is an independent game studio focused heavily
on 2D and 3D games. We mostly make free games, though
occasionally we make a $1 game. We currently have one
developer, who programs the games and does some art for them,
and two game designers, who each have some secondary jobs.
flesheatindragon, the primary programmer and artist, bob1o1,
an artist (2D and 3D), music creator and aspiring programmer,
and madcat34, a designer, story writer, and backup artist (2D and 3D).
We use JavaScript, InstantJS (flesh's self-made game engine), and
Godot as our game engines. For art we use piskelapp.com, Blender for
models, BeepBox.co for music. If you would like to submit a
game design, idea, art, code, or anything else please email us here.

Find us on itch.io: https://future-games.itch.io
Find us on GitHub: https://github.com/fgames-dev
Find us on Game Jolt: https://gamejolt.com/@future-games
Find us on Roast My Game: https://roastmygame.com/profile/future-games
Find us on Kongregate: https://www.kongregate.com/accounts/Futuregames
Find us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/fgamesdev?fan_landing=true

My Discord is flesheatindragon#3860

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