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Musketfish update!

I've fixed the player controller so jumps are no longer unresponsive!

Winter Sale 2021!

Winter Sale 2021 has started! 100% off ALL TITLES for TWO WEEKS!! Get free games!

Musketfish OUT NOW!!

Musketfish is available now! Get it!

Meteor Run v3.0!!

Added cash (worth 5 coins)
Changed cheat code
Improved visuals
Bug fixes
Removed framerate option
Removed save & load
Added custom dialogue boxes

Spike Run v3.1.0!

Improved hats
Removed coin shop
Added "more games" button

Orbit v2.3.2!!

Removed Godot splash screen
Sped up initial loading
Improved particles
Added help page

New game! Problematic Pixels.

Made in 30 minutes. Dodge pixels. Yay. Play this epic game!

Orbit 2.2.2!!

Changed mouse cursor
Coal asteroids rotate less and move a bit slower
Copper asteroids rotate less
Lead asteroids rotate MUCH LESS and move slower
Improved sounds

Crate Chaos 2.2.0!

Added a "Total crates demolished" stat in the menu that autosaves (and autoloads) to (and from) your device!

Crate Chaos 2.1.0!!

Changed menu text
Added easy mode
Added hard mode
Added sound effects
Improved particles
Bug fixes

Crate Chaos 1.1.0!

Fixed a bug with the score counter
Centered game over text
Slightly improved animation
Added Future Games credit in menu

New game! Crate Chaos!

Made in 2 hours, this new game is all about demolishing crates! Play it!

Death Run 1.7.0!

Added score counter to top-left
Added option to rate the game on game over
Edited game over text

Spike Run 3.0.1!

Bug fixes

Orbit version 2.1.2!

Added speedometer to analyser module
Added hard mode in options
Fixed performance mode
Added thruster sound effect
Added explosion sound effect

Orbit version 1.1.2!

Bug fixes.

Orbit version 1.1.1!

Bug fixes.

Orbit version 1.1.0!

Added screen scaling!

New game! Orbit!

Orbit is an adventure game about a lost and damaged space probe.
Play it now!

Farmer Phil and the Zombie Alien Robot Apocalypse update 4!

Added score
Better renderer
Better shading
Better lighting
Better graphics and reflections
HUGE new map area

New game! Dodge!

New game! Dodge! Play this bad game!

Cars VS TNT 1.2

Car moves faster to left and right (from 12 to 16)
Max speed reduced from 25 to 22
Improved timekeeping

New game! Cat in a Shower!

Made in 30 minutes.
Roses are red, Violets are blue, go play this game, or I will slap you.

New game! Jetpack Funflight.

Jetpack Joyride clone yay. Play it!

743 names hotfix

A quick hotfix for 743 names.

New game! 743 names!

The new ultimate spy game! Play now!

New game! Speedy Square demo.

New demo made in 45 minutes! Control gravity! Play it!

New game! Escape the Romans part 3!

Continue your epic adventure in this new game! Play it!

New game! Murder Mystery.

Play the new Puzzle game prototype, made in 1 hour! Find the killer!

FPATZARA update 3!

Bug fixes & improvements.

FPATZARA update 2!

New lighting
New tree models
New post-processing effects
Better performance

FPATZARA update 1!

Added shotgun model
Added mini-hills
Added rocks
Added floating islands
Added lighting
Added fence pieces

New game! Farmer Phil and the Zombie Alien Robot Apocalypse (invasion takeover)!

Made in 3 hours, this epic first-person shooter pits a shotgun-armed farmer against zombie alien robots! Play it!

MR3D updates 1&2

New models, lighting, bloom, post-processing, and many more updates.

New game! Meteor Run 3D!

My first true 3D game, made in 2 hours. Dodge and blast meteors, and play the classic game with a new dimansion! Play it!

New crossover! Vega and the Cult Of Dead Bunnies!

Liked TCOTDB:F? Kill more bunnies!

Meteor Run 2.9.0!

Added a framerate option!

Spy Cars 1.4!

The enemy now only shoots when it is below the player.

Now You See Me... 1.7

A quick hotfix.

New game! Cubes...

Play the game made in 5 minutes! Play it!

Meteor Run 2.8.0

New updates: Added Planet Background to shop!
Changed cheat code
Added a system to save and load coins--a way to save other content like xp, levels, shop items, etc is in development
Bug fixes

Spy Cars 1.3

You can now see your HP and enemy HP in the top-right corner
Made AI smoother
Made AI smarter
Slightly increased difficulty involving more strategy
Bug fixes

Spy Cars 1.2

Added main menu
Added TNT
Bug fixes

Spy Cars 1.1

Reduced starting missiles from 5 to 3
Reduced missile damage from 50 to 40
Reduced missiles gained per powerup from 5 to 2
Reduced frequency of AI launching missiles

New game! Spy Cars

Play Spy Cars now! Spy Cars

New game! Jack Johnson: The Spy

Play the new game now!

New game! Turbo Tube

Play the new game now!

New Death Run DLC!

Play the game as a chainmail-armored archer!

New Now You See Me DLC!

Grab the new bonus level!

New game! The Road Out

Adventure awaits the kind one... play it now!

New game! Flappy Pixel test

Flap Wham Oof!

New game! Turret Jumper wars

Play the new local-multiplayer TJ game now!

New game! Space Shooter test

Play the new game now!

Starfall: A Wisp in the Wind update 6

Added new content to chapter 2
Added new content to chapter 3
Gamepad support!
Cheat code!

Spike Run 3.0.0

Score bonus powerup
You speed up more
Fixed collision detection
Animation improvements
Cleaned code (for reusability)
Created full new powerup system to easily add new powerups
Bug fixes

Starfall: A Wisp in the Wind update 5

Added some new content to chapter 2
Fixed typos

Spike Run 2.5.1!

Removed touch support (due to error)
Bug fixes

Spike Run 2.5.0!

Small graphics edits
Touch support
Apple web app support
Bug fixes

Spike Run 2.4.0!

New hat!
Bug fix!

New S:AWITW chapters

Two new chapters!

New game! Starfall: A Wisp in the Wind

Download Starfall: A Wisp in the Wind now! Still in development. Get it.

Meteor Run v2.7.3

Comets now rarer
Basic graphic edits
Bug fixes and improvements

Blocky TD downloads removed

You can no longer download Blocky: Tower Defense. You can still play it in your browser.

Meteor Run downloads removed

You can no longer download Meteor Run. You can still play it in your browser.

Meteor Run v2.7.2

Coins and Magnets are now rarer.
Minor bug fixes & improvements.

Modding is coming to Blasty TD!

Blasty: Tower Defense will soon feature mods!

Blocky TD is now FREE!

Get Blocky: Tower Defense for FREE today! Available on

Who could they be?

Who is Polaris? And who is The Singularity? Find out soon!

Two final Turret Jumper games planned

The final two games in the Turret Jumper series will be: Turret Jumper: Polaris's Revenge and Turret Jumper: Singularity.

Full Turret Jumper story complete

Turret Jumper series story complete! Read it soon...

Turret Jumper: Polaris's Revenge in development

Read the latest devlogs now! Just go here!

Turret Jumper 2 is out!

Get our biggest game ever now! Get it!

Spike Run has cosmetics!

Enter the hat shop now!

Devlogs & games pages are complete!

Check right under the logo!

Devlogs coming to this site!

I'm working on a devlogs page! Read our game's news, updates, announcements, leaks, teasers, etc. all here on this site when the page is complete!

Turret Jumper 2 in development--new devlogs!

View our latest leaks and devlogs on More information.

Another cool Turret Jumper level!

Enjoy level 7!

HUGE Turret Jumper update

The latest update adds level 6, which introduces you to sprinting, bouncers, and walljumping!

Now You See Me bonus halloween event!

Get the free bonus level! Only available for 2 weeks!

Turret Jumper is out!

Get it free here!

I've joined a new team!

Check them out!

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