Future Games Support

For full support, email us
or go to the official Discord server.

Turret Jumper support

Case 1--Install error. Please ask for supportb on your OS in the
Turret Jumper Discord.
Case 2--Run error. If you need a different bit version, please ask.
Case 3--Crash. We are working on a lightweight version.

Blocky: Tower Defense support

Most likely, the error occuring will be reported.
This means that you should have gotten an alert saying
"An unknown error occurred. Report this with [objectObjecterror].
For additional details, open the developer console by
right-clicking and selecting Inspect."
In this case, follow the instructions. Report it in the
Discord server with [objectObjecterror] at the message
start. Otherwise, it is an emergency! Report with
[btdUrgentUnknownError]. We will fix it after a brief downtime

Blob Blast errors and support

Report to the Discord server with [bbErrorPAID].
Please provide significant details. The game will be on
downtime for a while, while we fix the bug. Provide an
email in the report if you want to get emailed with a link
when the bug is fixed.

Meteor Run bugs

We're sorry, Meteor Run is out of development. If
it is urgent, report with [mrUrgentBug].

Report other games' bugs with [otherBug].