Turret Jumper 2

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Turret Jumper 2 is an action-parkour-shooter-platformer game about running, jumping, speedruns
and slow-mo gameplay. Get to the green portal! It is out now, developed by one person.
Follow me on itch.io or follow the game on Game Jolt to get notified when it comes out. I have
also been posting constant devlogs and leaks. The game will have a full story. More info:

Release date: November 18 2020

Cost: $1

Genre: Platformer

Developer: Future games

Platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Itch app, Game Jolt Client (possibly later)

Additional themes: Parkour, shooting, slow-mo, timelapse

Available on: itch.io , Game Jolt (possibly later)

Gameplay input: Keyboard

UI input: Mouse

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